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Aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows, a high-end green and environmentally friendly doors and windows

2020-11-24 10:50:50

Manufacturers of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows combine the superior functions of wood with the corrosion resistance and high strength of aluminum profiles. Aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows have the practical effect of two-way decoration planning. The planning style of the inner wood creates the warmth and comfort in the room, and the exterior aluminum structure with the built-in surface gives people the artistic beauty of contemporary and fashionable trends. In addition, its structure and function have undergone huge improvements, and it is a high-end green and environmentally friendly door and window.

The price of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows is also decided based on the wood. The wood of red oak should be stronger, with clearer texture and stronger layering. There are also many and varied choices for the color of wood. The manufacturer will also show a professional palette for customers to choose. However, in some cases, customers have higher requirements for colors, and they will be based on the interior decoration style of their home. It is the color of the furniture to choose the color of the window. This is because it is necessary for the manufacturer to adjust the color according to the customer's requirements. The skill standard for the manufacturer is very high.

1. If aluminum alloy profile doors and windows are available, the actual specifications must be accurately measured, and the selection must be based on the interior decoration style of your home. In many cases, everyone’s choice is relatively simple, like the new Chinese style and European and American style, then It must be purchased according to the detailed introduction of the market sales door and window staff, and it will be more suitable after installation according to the interior decoration style;


2. The doors and windows are not taller and taller. I don’t understand what the staff might think. Usually everyone says that the price is paid for. Therefore, the idea that the more expensive the better, is actually not In this way, everyone must also consider the fusion of the raw materials and their hardware accessories;

3. Also pay attention to the internal structure of doors and windows, sometimes everyone may feel that the surface is smooth and clean, which is not the case, but also pay attention to internal manufacturing.

Understand door and window materials and doors and windows.

Before customizing doors and windows, first understand the advantages and disadvantages and prices of different door and window materials, and choose the cost-effective door and window materials according to your own home situation, so that you will be more confident when communicating with manufacturers, so it is necessary to know in advance. In this regard, you can check the information online or go to some door and window shops to find out.

Sound insulation and noise reduction

Sound insulation is now an important indicator of people's requirements for doors and windows. Especially in the more prosperous residential areas, the requirements for sound insulation and noise reduction are quite high. The aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows of the "Jiaxiang" brand have been tested and inspected by many authorities, and the sound insulation is above 35DB, which can reach the third-level standard of "building sound insulation measurement range", which far exceeds the sound insulation coefficient of plastic steel and aluminum alloy.

Easy to open and safe to operate

The opening method of aluminum-clad wooden window is easy to operate, and various opening functions can be realized by changing the angle of the handle, and the switch is flexible. The opening method of the upper hanging can ensure that the opening angle will not be too large under the indoor ventilation, which is especially suitable for health ,Safety. "Jiaxiang" brand doors and windows are all equipped with U-slot hardware according to the profile size. The deepened hardware lock center increases the load-bearing capacity of the window and makes the opening safer and more reliable.



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