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Do you know some things you must pay attention to when customizing doors and windows?

2020-12-12 09:30:46

Northeast aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows choose powerful brands

After you have established the door and window materials you need, you can choose a reliable partner manufacturer. You must work harder in this regard. As long as you choose a reliable manufacturer, the following things will be a lot easier.

Check the details of custom-made doors and windows carefully.

Good air tightness


Airtightness refers to the ability of doors and windows to prevent air infiltration when they are normally closed. According to the requirements of relevant industry regulations, the airtight performance test of door and window products cannot be lower than 5, but in our actual factory test, the airtightness of aluminum-clad wood products generally reaches 7-8. This is because the door and window rubber strips used by "Hongmingtai" aluminum-clad wooden windows have reasonable structural design, a combination of soft and hard materials, good anti-aging properties, and high tensile yield strength, thus ensuring the overall air-tightness of the window High, effectively prevent outdoor dust from entering the room through the gap, creating a cleaner and more comfortable living environment indoors.

heat insulation

In terms of thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of wood is much smaller than that of plastic steel and aluminum alloy. The smaller the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal insulation performance of the window. "Hongmingtai" brand aluminum-clad wooden windows generally use double-layer hollow LOW-E glass, three-layer double-cavity insulating glass, three-layer hollow laminated glass and many other low-K glass, so that the K of the entire window The value is generally maintained between 1.1-1.3, which effectively prevents the loss of heat transfer caused by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, as well as direct solar radiation indoors, and is especially suitable for residential use in the cold climate environment in the north.



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a5.png  Company Name: Anshan Jiaxiang New Energy-saving Doors and Windows Co., Ltd.

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