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Sun room

2020-12-22 10:47:43
Sun room


The sun room is also called the glass room, and its foreign name is winter garden. The sun room is a non-traditional building constructed with glass and metal frames. The price of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows is to enjoy the sun and get close to nature. Sunshine House is a building respected by people who pursue nature and fashion. The Sunshine Room is a researched in the Shanghai area of North China by Shengli Industry. It needs to be designed and constructed according to the needs of the site and personal preferences. The interior layout can be decorated according to personal preferences. The balcony or terrace sun room is in the whole room, so visual connection is important. It needs to be considered to be consistent with the overall style of the building, while keeping the overall tone as consistent as possible. In terms of materials and manufacturing methods, the sun room can be divided into five development stages: one is the sun room of pure wood structure, the other is the sun room of pure steel structure, the third is the sun room of aluminum curtain wall structure, and the fourth is the structure of steel and aluminum. Sun room.

1 After the discovery of the New World in Columbus, before the industry, many tropical plants, flowers and fruits entered Europe. The cold climate in Europe cannot adapt to its production, and European palaces like to enjoy this kind of thing, so skilled craftsmen built some greenhouses for their own demand. Later, people discovered that these greenhouses could not be used as greenhouses for cultivating tropical crops because they were full of sunlight and green, and could form a space for leisure, entertainment, family gatherings and studios.

After the second industry, the London World Expo in the 18th century, Britain built an exhibition hall covering an area of 80,000 square meters in order to show its industrial development. The protagonist is a glass building with a pure steel structure, a work of the early steel structure sun room. At this stage, the mass production and application of steel materials further expanded the coverage of the early sun room. We can find the steel structure in the American feature film "The Sound of Music", "Time Machine" and other films.

3 In the first half of the 19th century, due to the construction of the building, a new type of building material, aluminum, was widely used in building doors, windows, and curtain walls because of its convenient molding, light weight, and high strength. At the same time, the modern daylighting roof and daylighting ceiling are also made of aluminum structure. And with the improvement of living standards, the sun room has become a living space for developed middle- and high-income families. The sun room has become a way of life abroad. With the increase in the income level of the Chinese people and the large-scale construction of villas and duplex houses, the development trend of the sun room becomes an unstoppable one. At that stage, people built their own sunrooms according to their own wishes, liked wood structures close to nature, and industrialized steel structures. The aluminum structure has become the mainstream of the sun room at this stage because of the standardization of a large number of curtain wall materials.

4 The steel-aluminum structure of the sun room in foreign countries is mainly because some of the sun rooms are too large. Because of the high strength of the steel and the convenience of welding, the steel frame and aluminum welding rod are used. Build a large sun room. In (Shanghai), because the sun room is a kind of thing and the price is relatively high, in order to reduce the cost, a steel-aluminum composite (aluminum-clad steel sun room) is used. Steel is the main structure of the structure, and aluminum is the surface. The decoration makes the sun room elegant and beautiful. It can be said that the aluminum-clad steel sunroom was a product of China's national conditions at the beginning of this century. Its advantages are high strength and low cost. The disadvantage is that the construction period is long and there is no standardization. During the construction process, there are many uncontrollable factors and the quality fluctuates greatly.


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